You and Your Dog

Behave responsibly

As the population of Sudbury has swelled and the popularity of the Common Lands has increased, so the pressure on this special place has grown.

A mounting challenge for the charity is the growing number of dog walkers who use the meadows. We want everyone to enjoy them but there is an onus on visitors to behave responsibly, especially dog owners.

Dog walkers

Dogs MUST ALWAYS be kept under control around cattle and wildlife. The LAW requires dogs to be on a fixed lead near livestock.

The Sudbury Common Lands Charity manages the meadows with nature in mind and the continued use of cattle grazing is essential in maintaining the lands’ fragile ecosystem.  Sudbury’s water meadows are NOT a public park but, in fact, are classified as farmland.

Dog walkers


Each year, we receive reports of cattle being spooked by dogs and swans being attacked. By acting sensibly, dog owners can help reduce the number of these incidents.  We appreciate that the vast majority of dog owners act responsibly, and we hope that they can help in educating those who allow their dogs to run out of control and worry the cattle.

We've produced a useful leaflet with some guidelines about how to enjoy the Sudbury Common Lands with your dog.

    To download your copy click here.

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