Support for the Sudbury Common Lands is more important than ever to ensure the future of this wonderful meadowland for generations to come.

Sudbury Common Lands

How to support us

There's never been a better time to be involved with the Sudbury Common Lands and the Charity caring for Sudbury's riverside environment. Our vision is to ensure that the Sudbury Common Lands will be available for future generations to enjoy.

We need you to help us realise this vision. There are many ways in which you can help the Sudbury Common Lands Charity, including giving a donation. Donations large and small are vital to our full range of projects, from the conservation of the riverside pastures to working with local school children.

Support from trusts and foundations

Grants from charitable trusts and foundations are essential to the Sudbury Common Lands and make a real difference. If you are involved with a trust or foundation and think Sudbury Common Lands might have a project your organisation would be interested in supporting, please do contact us.

Sponsorship opportunities

The Sudbury Common Lands Charity is always looking for flexible and unique partnership opportunities with local companies.

Giving to the Sudbury Common Lands Charity

We are seeking additional income to support the many vital activities that make the Sudbury Common Lands a wonderful place to visit. You can help our conservation programme, maintenance or educational work.

Tax-effective giving

If you are a UK taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation via JustGiving Sudbury Common Lands Charity. This allows us to receive a further 25p from HMRC on every pound you donate at no extra cost to you.

A gift in your will

You may not have thought of including a gift to the Sudbury Common Lands in your Will, but legacies form an important source of funding for our work - no gift is too small.

You can ensure that future generations enjoy the Sudbury Common Lands as much as you have. You may feel that you would like to support us but have other priorities at the moment, in which case a legacy gift is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution with no immediate financial outlay. Leaving a legacy can also be tax-effective as gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax.

You do not need to have lots of money to donate, all legacies are welcome and can be put to good use, be it £10 or £100,000.

A Will is an excellent way to remember a charity which is important to you. It is extremely simple to leave something in your Will to the Sudbury Common Lands.

All you need to do is include the following words: 'I give the [sum of / residue of my estate] to the Trustees of the Sudbury Common Lands Charity, Sudbury, Suffolk … absolutely for its general charitable purposes. I declare that the receipt of the Clerk for the time being of Sudbury Common Lands shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor.'

We strongly recommend that you consult your legal advisor when making or altering your Will. Leaving a legacy is arguably the most personal gift anyone can make to the Sudbury Common Lands Charity. We record and recognise all such gifts in the most appropriate manner, usually through an acknowledgement in the Annual Review. We will be happy to discuss any queries you may have about leaving a legacy.

Contact: Clerical Officer Tel: 07905 957608


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